About Us

Noakhali Rural Development Society (NRDS) is a socioeconomic development organization,working with the marginalized people and communities in the south east coastal region of Bangladesh. NRDS was established in 1992 by a group of philanthropic people including thesocial worker and development professional to fight poverty and marginalization.

At the outset it worked with marginalized farmers, artisan and producer groups providing training, technical support for improved production, product development and marketing. The organization gradually extended its effort as a local initiative to provide support for sustainable livelihood of the marginalized population in the greater Noakhali region of Bangladesh and extended its programmatic engagement with community and civil society organizations to greater Chittagong region of Bangladesh.

Mission statement

NRDS envisages a fairer society based on equity and justice, where potentials of every individual will be bloomed, rights of every individual will be honored and environment of the earth will be safeguarded.

Its mission is to work with marginalized people and community for their social and economic empowerment by promoting education, employment, household food security, health, environment, gender equity, fair trade and human rights.

Legal status
NRDS is registered with joint stock Company under society acts as a non-profit organization and also registered with NGO Bureau of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh under foreign donation act.

A general body of 21 members consists of multidisciplinary professionals from educationist, lawyer, journalist and social worker, who are responsible for governance of NRDS and elect a seven members executive board to execute development program and projects initiated by the organization.