Ongoing Projects

Strengthening Civic Engagement in Elections and Political Processes
NRDS is working with Election Working Group-EWG the national network of civil society organizations to promote civic education and free and fair election process. The project is aiming to strengthening civic engagement in elections and political Processes for enhanced transparency and democratic accountability. The project is supported by the Asia Foundation Bangladesh.

Small Craft Producer’s Development Project (SCPDP)
The overall objective of the project is the promotion of livelihood of the small-scale craft producers of greater Noakhali region of Bangladesh. The main goal of the project is to developed 25 small enterprises/groups with increased production capacity up-to 25% gradually from the beginning of the project, The Producer integrated new dimension in design, introduce modern technologies and buyers also found many diversity and quality product.

Main Interventions for product line development are identified by the project are Dress making, Block and Batik, Pottery, Basketry from Hogla, Stitching, Coir Product, Jute Products, Hand maid Paper, ShitolPati, Jewelry, Wood Carving, Leather Products, Can and Bamboo. Organized producers groups are developing their skill for diversified new products with new designs to market their products where possible. The project is supported by the Royal Danish Embassy- Dhaka.

Livelihood Initiatives for Vulnerability Eradication (LIVE) Project
The project aims a sustainable livelihood and household food security for the deprived coastal population of Noakhali district. Area of interventions are livelihood promotion through institution building and integrated sustainable farming, education, women rights and gender equality, health and capacity building of local government. This project is supported by ActionAid Bangladesh.

Implemented Projects

Strengthening Local Institutional Capabilities and Rural Population for Territorial Development Project
NRDS and ETEA Foundation of Spain with the support of AECID implemented the project since March 2011 to August 2012 with an objective to reinforcement of institutional capacities and local population in order to contribute to the socio-economic development and poverty reduction with a gender approach in Chittagong division.

The project facilitated community organizations and the local government body to increase their capacity to work for participatory planning and governanceaccountability. The community organizations were supported to work as a self-help group to increase income and employment of their member’s. The community organizations also worked to promote rights of marginalized through active mobilizations for claiming their rights. The organizations worked on governance accountability of local Union Parishad on development issues specially women rights.

Grassroots Initiatives to Promote Quality Primary Education for All
The project aimed to facilitate community and people to actively engage in promoting quality primary education for all. The main project interventions were situation analysis of existing primary education, research and advocacy for ensuring quality primary education for all. The advocacy process linked the local policy initiatives to national policy advocacy issues and process coordinated at national level. The project was implemented during July 2003– January 2008 and supported by the Commonwealth Education Fund, ActionAid Bangladesh, Oxfam GB and Save the Children.

Food Security for Sustainable Household Livelihoods (FoSHoL)
NRDS implemented FoSHoL Project with the partnership with Action Aid Bangladesh financed by European Commission. The project aimed for a sustainable livelihoods and food security of the disadvantaged and marginalized family through providing support for institution building, technology transfer for increased production, better market access and access to different service provider.

Greater Noakhali Aquaculture Extension Project (GNAEP)
This is a tripartite project, implemented by NRDS with technical support from DoF and financial support from Danida. The Objectives of the project is to increase fish production as well as income of marginalized and peasant farmers by proper and maximum utilization of their aquatic resources using proper technology. Duration: June, 2002- May, 2006

Smallholder Livestock Development Project (SLDP-2)
The project was a tripartite project, implemented by NRDS with technical support from DLS and financial support from Danida. The Objectives of the project is to increase production as well as income of marginalized and small holder farmers especially women through rearing poultry using improved technology and management. Duration: June, 2002- May, 2005

DPHE-Danida Water Supply and Sanitation Components
NRDS implemented DPHE-Danida Water Supply and Sanitation Project as lead partner NGO in Lakhipur and Noakhali Districts to ensure safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for the poor marginalized people of the area. The project provided hygiene education and water and sanitation technology to the poor families in the project area aiming to bring the positive behavioral change in hygiene practice. Duration: October 1998 – June 2005.

Broad-based Coalition & Advocacy for Human Rights (BCAHR)
NRDS implemented a project to facilitate citizens to promote human rights and good governance through using different tools for social mobilization at grassroots level. The project established citizen’s coalitions for local level advocacy for human rights. The project was supported by SAP Bangladesh and continued from November 2003 to September 2006.

Rural Infrastructure Development Project (RDP22) of LGED
NRDS worked as a development partner of the project for development of women area and organization and strengthening of Labor Contracting Society – LCS. The project jointly implemented by LGED through market infrastructure development, women corner establishment in the market. NRDS was responsible for social mobilization for women access in the market. The activities were aimed to support women’s sellers in the women corner developed by the LGED projects. The project activities created marketing opportunity for women in the village market and organized small women lead enterprises. NRDS provided support through training and capital support to run their business activities utilizing the women’s corners of local market.This project was supported by Swiss Development Cooperation-SDC and continued from May 2000 – November 2003.

NGO Gardening and Nutrition Education Surveillance Project (NGNESP)
The project supported small holder farm families by promoting gardening and nutrition education in Noakhali and Lakhipur Districts. The organized village groups received training and education on nutrition and also received technical support for homestead agricultural activities. The project was supported by Helen Keller International and continued from July 1998 to June 2002.

Functional Education for Women
NRDS implemented a project supported by the British High Commission Dhaka to promote women’s rights and empowerment by enhancing non formal education for women in the area. The project organized village women in groups and implemented functional education for literacy and empowerment. The project facilitated social mobilization for women’s rights and empowerment. Duration: April 1997 – March 1999.

Ecological Agriculture & Bio-intensive Gardening Project (EABIG)
The project was an agro-based socio-economic development project implemented among marginalized and landless farmers to increase their income through Bio-intensive homestead gardens, small poultry farm, cattle rearing, pond fish culture and different agro based small business. Necessary training and technical support was provided to the target beneficiaries for proper implementation of the income generating activities. Duration: July 1996– June 2002